What We Do

We provide high-level advisory services across an enterprise to assess and optimize core healthcare operations and their readiness to embrace new value-based, care delivery business models.

Flash Assessment

A new efficient tool to quickly gather all the facts and assess the readiness of an organization to achieve growth through value-based care.

Action Plan

A clearly structured plan with all the critical paths identified to become a high quality and financially successful value-based care provider.


A project management driven process that is facilitated by our Senior Advisors and Partners working alongside your leadership, operating, clinical and financial teams to implement the Action Plan.

About Us

CSuite Solutions was formed to attract the most senior and accomplished health care industry executives in their respective fields. They have spent most of their long careers transforming hospitals and major health care systems, physician groups and other providers into efficient and financially robust operating organizations.

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Our Mission

To use our decades of experience and expertise to optimize the healthcare industry’s current volume-based business model while at the same time taking the required steps to achieve a more effective Learn More

Our Philosophy

Fee-for-service reimbursement is not dead. Although value-based care payments are increasing, health systems and hospitals continue to be largely paid on a fee-for-service basis. Learn More

Leadership Team

Stephen R Mason

Founding Partner

Stewart Schaffer
Stewart Schaffer

Managing Partner

Jim Burkhart

Senior Partner

Brian Paradis

Senior Partner

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We Are Trusted Strategic Advisors. Let’s Connect.

We Are Trusted Strategic Advisors. Let’s Connect.

Our Practice

Our practice consists of highly competent and experienced C-Level executives with diverse skills who serve as Trusted Advisors to their peers in the healthcare industry.

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